Producers, what is your style? How did you come up with that style? Do you model your style around your favorite producer?

As producers, what do you feel is the best way to be heard? The question almost every producer ask themselves, do I stay true to my sounds or venture out and make a the beats that are getting regular spins on the radio. Some say stick to your guns others may say to ride the wave of the popular sounds. I tend to believe that it is best to fall somewhere in between. If a sound isn’t natural try not to force it, but don’t limit yourself. You want to be a versatile producer, the goal is to have as many placements as possible so you want to have your beats marketable to as many different artist that will listen. If you are a trap producer, venture out and make an R-n-B or a mellow type beat. If your vibe is more laid back, switch it up and do an uptempo beat.  It is easy to fall in with certain sounds and genre’s but keep in mind some of the best producers have placements with all type of artist. One of the best examples is the producer Ben Billions. Ben Billions, the XO producer may be the most versatle producers in the game right now. With placements ranging from Beyonce to Future, to the Weeknd, to Yo Gotti he has it all. He is mastermind behind Beyonce’s “6 inch”,  French Montana’s “Lockjaw”, Yo Gotti’s “Castro” and “Down in the DM”, The Weeknd’s “Acquainted”, “Often”, Future’s “Lil Haiti” and “Low Life”.

Venture out you never know what it could lead to. Never pin yourself to one sound, you want to be marketable to as many artist as possible. Let it come organically and everyone will win.