What happened to the genre that used to be called Rhythm and Blues aka RnB? There was a time when there was so many R-n-B artist that a number of very talented artist didn’t get to recognition that they deserved. Now no one even wants to sing, everyone has to show that they can spit too.

“Hip Hop is dead.” We have been hearing this statement for the last 10 years or so, and there was a time when it indeed felt that way. NaS even titled his 8th album “Hip Hop is dead”, but all this time R-n-B began to die right along with it. So I am sure you may be asking yourself, “how is R-n-B dead?” My answer would be, is because no one wants to be an R-n-B artist anymore. Right now too many R-n-B artist want to be rappers/MCs. The Weeknd, Usher, Trey Songz, Partynextdoor, Jeremih, Ty Dolla, John Legend, and maybe Chris Brown (as far as male artist). Just with the list I presented, how many could you realistic put down as a Pop artist? At least 3, so that shortens your list even more. In the past artist such as Avant, Tank, Musiq Soul Child, Carl Thomas, Donnell Jones, and the list goes on with artist that had great vocals combined with good songwriting but did not have the impact on the game that they could have. Now there aren’t enough R-n-B artist to even have that problem.

There are some artist that are able to resuscitate R-n-B. With artist like BJ The Chicago, Jidenna, Torey Lanez, Miguel, and Ro James. R-n-B should be able to get back to the golden era. In my opinion if the game can continue to get behind these kind of artist R-n-B can get back to a state of competition the way hip hop has.