How much is too much? Can you saturate the market too much? Will your sound become redundant and dull? There is a fine line between giving your fans what they want and giving them too much where you are no longer in demand.

In my opinion, as long you have the catalog and drive to supply music at a fast pace, do so. Especially if you are looking to build a buzz or keep your buzz. Keep in mind that this practice will not work for everyone. Every artist does not have the sound that will be widely accepted on a mass scale. Take for instance Future, as we are all probably aware Future has done something that has never been done in Hip-Hop and that’s drop two #1 albums in back to back weeks. This was also on the tail end of releasing 3 projects in 2016 (EVOL, Purple Reign, Free Bricks 2). He is able to accomplish this feet by being consistent, you know exactly what you are going to get and that is strong production, catchy word play on hooks, and music that will have you ready to party. Curren$y is another artist that accomplished this same feet. In 2016 alone Curren$y released 12, count them 12 projects, one every month. Every project sounded different, but it followed the same blueprint of consistency. Curren$y gave us variety in his beat selection along with how he approached each project.

So it all depends on the work ethic and the following of the artist, If you have a following that will rock with you and support all the music you will put out, it may be a good idea to feed the demand. So you as the artist would be the only one who can answer the question, how much is too much?