As a producer David Banner made major waves with his self produced albums along with hit singles for artist such as Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, and T.I, but he is also one of the first hip hop producers to score placements with television networks and movies. Most notably Cartoon network as he had placements on the hit show “The Boondocks” and even earned his own cartoon series alongside Andre 3000 title “Crook’d Sipp”.

David Banner was also one the latest producers to participate in Mass Appeals: Rhythm Roulette, and just like his fellow Mississippi native Big Krit not only did he create an absolute monster beat but he made a full song right there on the spot that he title “Paper”. David Banner’s beats have always been recognizable for signature his slap snares and this beat gives you just that. In my personal opinion I think the song could have made the album.

In and out of the studio David Banner is one of the artist working artist in game. As a rapper/producer he has paved the way for artist like Big Krit, Rae Sremmurd, and Soulja Boy to find their way out of Mississippi and into the mainstream music scene.

When it is all said and done David Banner will go down as a stand out artist in the game. Not only did he catapult himself into stardom as a rapper/producer but he has since become more of an political activist and bringing light to the issues that surround that African-American community. Salute to David Banner in all that he has done for the game do


-Beatwave JVb