The era of hip hop is ever changing, but one thing that will forever be a constant is the need for a hot beat. Whether you are a artist or a DJ if you want to move the crowd or catch the attention of your audience you must have a beat that is catchy from the gate. Not to sound like the old guy yelling “Get off my lawn”, but the newer generation is that of immediate satisfaction. Like my guy Big Krit said at the beginning of “American Rapstar”, “An a/r told once told me you can determine the worth of a song within the 15 seconds of it playin'” and with that in mind at times producers have to make sure the beat doesn’t take too long to build. Take for instance J.Cole’s “January 28th”, as soon as the track comes on he has your attention without saying one word and the beat is pretty much built.

So I ask the question again, who is more important the artist or the producer. Its hard to say, I would give the slight edge to the producer. I say that because regardless of the lyrics or artist, if the beat isn’t hot the song will ultimately will not reach its potential. Some of the best lyricist still have to have a hot beat or that particular track may not have been a classic or one to top the charts. For example, Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” if he used a different beat, would it still be a classic? On the contrary if someone else used that beat, would that be considered one of the hardest beats of all time?

Producers never compromise your sound to fit the flavor of the month regarding flow, stick to what makes you hot and what makes your beats A1. The right artist will hear your work and let the magic begin.