Welcome to the 808 Corner! The 808 corner is where we discuss obviously the Tsunami that is called Trap Music, but we will also explore the newer generation of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is changing whether people like it or not, some change for the better and some change that may not be for the better but it is changing. Yes we will discuss mumble rap, yes we will discuss Lil Boat aka Lil Yachty, we will dive into all of new generation of artist and what how they rose to stardom the way they have.

Before we dive into the artist, lets discuss what you came here to talk about. The production, the 808 drum. The 808 bass drum has always been a staple sound in hip hop, but it seems in recent years that it has taken on a new life. Today’s artist have a wider variety of 808’s to choose from to create their own signature sound.

A prime example of this is the production group 808 mafia. 808 mafia was founded in 2010 by Waka Flocka, Lex Luger, and Southside and has since grown to both producers and songwriters. 808 mafia brought a already created sound and reinvented it into a mainstream sound. With the help from artist such as Gucci Mane and Migos; trap music and 808 mafia have made their way off of mixtapes and onto Nike commercials.  One secret that they seem to have is that even though majority trap music has the same vibe and their sound is almost recognizable even without the drops.

We know some of the leading members, Southside, TM88, Tre Pounds, Purps. But their are a few members who are on the verge of that breakthrough placement. Keep an ear out from OG Taxx, Chris Fresh, and Be-Bop. Some of what i’ve heard from them I would not be surprised if they landed a placement with one of your favorite artist.

Trap music sounds like it is hear to stay so I suggest you get to know some of the people who are behind creating the demand. Thanks for stopping by the 808 corner.