There is a new face in hip hop and he’s taking the game by storm. He goes by the name of Lil’ Yachty or Lil’ Boat to all of his fans. In the midst to his rise to stardom he made his presence felt immediately.

The 19 year old from Mableton, GA just outside of Atlanta has arrived. Starting his career on a high note as a model for Kanye West with his season 3 collection and landing a Sprite commercial with LeBron James, Lil’ Boat definitely got a different start than most artist. With the new generation of hip hop fans who grew up during early years of trap music, Lil’ Yachty is a product of the evolution of hip hop. Since he has been on the scene just about everyone from hip hop legends of the 90’s era to current headliners have had their opinions about Lil’ Yachty and his place in the game. Many of his critics have placed him the category of mumble rap with the likes of Young Thug, Lil’ Uzi Vert, and Desiigner and I don’ thinks its a coincidence that they all have a large following.

May of this year he released his debut album “Teenage Emotions” and even with his huge following of fans within a month of his release the album has struggled mightily to sale 100,000 units. In a recent interview he stated that he wasn’t concerned about album sales because no one buys albums anymore and he is continuing to sellout shows. And I must say that he has a point, the fans that continue to buy albums in stores are the fans of yesteryear, and a select number of fans actual stream albums. I saw him perform in Austin during SXSW this past March and during his set the place went bananas, before seeing him live I was not a believer in the movement but he definitely has the potential to have some longevity in the game.

I will not act like that I am all of sudden a fan of his work, but if you are a true hip hop fan you have to be open to the evolution of the game. Hip Hop would not be hip hop if artist did not consistently push the envelope.