There has been a shift in the world of producers, and it wasn’t as sudden as some would like to think. Can we officially say that Mike Will is the hottest producer hip hop has right now? There is some that will say Metro Boomin’ is leading the pack, others will say Southside (young sizzle, 808 mafia) is leading the pack, some will even say that Cardo or Zaytoven. But if we look at the body of work and the value of placements over the past few years, I believe that crown goes to Mike Will.

February 6th 2016, the world stopped. Beyonce’ released a new track and video to go with it; the night before the Super Bowl the world was introduced to “Formation.” As soon as the first synth dropped we all knew it was about to be something special, but as the song played I kept thinking to myself “whoever produced this track is about to get broke off!” Not only did Mike Will make the beat for a song that is now infamous, empowering, and the lead single for arguably one of the best projects ever but he also enlisted his own artist Sway Lee to assist Queen B in writing the lyrics. Talk about boss moves, how many producers in the modern era have been able to make that happen for themselves and their artist.

Between 2015 and 2016 Mike Will had over 50 placements including smash singles, “Nothing is Promised – Rihanna, “No Flex”, “No Type” “Black Beattles” – Rae Sremmurd. Then comes 2017, not only did he release his own project “Ransom 2” which features “Nothing is Promised” and “Gucci on My” but he was always a major force behind the release of Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn”. Mike Will had 3 placements on this album including 2 of more successful tracks on the album “Humble” and “DNA”. With “Humble” also being the lead single for what may turn out to be the song of the year, in a blink of an eye Mike Will is responsible for 2 of the biggest songs from 2 of the games biggest artist in the mist of an 18 month span.

So when I say that Mike Will is the hottest in the game, he may not be on roughly every song on the radio that a Metro Boomin, Southside or a Cardo is, but he definitely holds the crown for now when it comes to absolute hits with big artist. So “Humble” yourself and get in “Formation.”

-Beatwave JVb