What is the best diss track of all time? “Hit ’em Up”, “Takeover”, “Ether”, “The Bridge is over” “No vaseline, which was the best diss track? In the wake of the recent Nikki Minaj and Remy Ma beef, there has been a lot of chatter that Remy Ma should not have used the “Ether” beat and should have used an original. Hence the reason for the question, what do you want to be more memorable? The lyrics or the beat.

This may be the one exception to having a beat that doesn’t take away from the lyrics. Take for instance, the more recent diss tracks from Meek Mill and Drake. Both Drake records were simple beats, not a lot of tracks and an easy bass line. The result you can hear each bar and punchline as they were delivered. Meek Mill’s track was almost the exact opposite, although the beat was very nice the track did not have the impact that it needed. In my opinion is because the beat was too detailed, the bass line was very heavy, hard drum rolls and cadences which made it tough to make out the punch lines. The end result..I mean we all know what happened.

So in closing in my opinion Remy Ma did herself good by using a beat that is a known assassin and adding her bars to it. Now we have to wait and see how Nikki come backs and what kind of beat she uses.