Dr. Dre, Dj Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Mike Dean, what do all these super producers have in common? All these producers music has stood the test of time. These producers have hits dating back to the 80’s to the present day. Yes they have upgraded their equipment, but the results are the same.

I was once told that whatever it is that you do and want to be successful, make sure that you are consistent. That is one thing that all of these producers have in common is that from the time that they broke through and saw success they never turned back they just pushed forward. As producers and artist in general, like Andre 3000 said “you only as funky as your last cut” with that in mind, staying relevant and to have your music still in high demand says a lot . Producers that have had that type of longevity have stayed true to their sound all while adjusting to the era of music. The fact that Dr. Dre has worked with and developed artist from Easy-E, to Snoop, to Eminem, to Kendrick Lamar is testament to just that. Another thing that all these producers have done is surround themselves with innovative people. Surround yourself around people that will make you better and will make you think. Since the game is so competitive, too many times producers feel that they need to do things by themselves to protect themselves. In all reality you are hindering your growth.

If you have noticed more and more producers are reaching out to each other to collab, which in most cases can only have a positive outcome. As mentioned in doing so, each producer can learn from each other and pick up different techniques in order to make that track that ultimately stands the test of time to become a classic.